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Caitlin Maiewski of mollybydesign
Stainles steel sink on kitchen island looking into family room
Caitlin Maiewski of mollybydesign




Hi everyone! I’m Caitlin, and in addition to being a huge geek/nerd, I’m a design assistant and selections management coordinator at mollybydesign in Glen Allen, Virginia. My first self-description comes from a variety of places in my life; my love for video games, being a stickler for grammer grammar and my (admittedly weird) joy with collecting information and organizing each piece into its proper place, whether in a spreadsheet or nicely sorted filing cabinet.

I’ve always loved organization. Sitting on the floor and going through piles of paper is a serious treat for me. Selecting what goes where and seeing the outcome of my effort is a wonderful feeling! Fast-forward through my life to 2016 and becoming a homeowner. You mean I get to pick exactly what goes in my house, and I can single-handedly make things look better with just a little elbow grease, paint, stain, a sander, my hand-me-down tools (thanks, mom!), or some well-chosen design? Sold!

In 2018, I came across the opportunity to work with mbd, and felt an immediate connection with the opportunities the job provided (and its owners, after the first interview!) As the job description noted, “act as the “single-point of contact” in customer communication for selections during the construction process, as well as document each selection made by customers for their new home.” I couldn’t pass it up.

I have loved growing with the company and soaking up every bit of interior design knowledge that comes by way. My background in customer service and detail-oriented nature helps me streamline this collection process, ensuring everything stays neatly organized. I’m also a big believer in keeping the lines of communication open, and am always just an email or phone call away to answer any questions.

In addition, I’m also dunking my head into social media, marketing, SEO research, and website functionality, along with an ever-changing list from our almost daily brainstorming sessions. In the future, I’m looking forward to training other members for the selections management team, and continuously refining the selections process!

For even more reasons to consider using mollybydesign as your interior design partner in Richmond go to:  BENEFITS OF HIRING or MEET MOLLY!

White front door with flanking black finish sconces
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