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After working "in-house" for several local builders to help their customers during the design and selections process in Glen Allen, Virginia, Molly saw there was a niche for smaller builders all over Richmond who may not have the need or finances for a full-time selections management/interior design position. She now partners with these builders to help their customers with their selections process. This is a highly custom partnership. mollybydesign can function at any capacity that meets the builders needs and budget.

Why does this benefit you? 

  • From a homeowner perspective, this is helpful because Molly is highly familiar with the process, and can often save customers time, money, and sanity throughout this very time-consuming process. Molly helps customers avoid costly mistakes and advise on getting the best bang for your buck. When its all done, everything will be coordinated, look professional, and remain within budget.  

  • Below is an example of how molly by design may function as part of the BUILDER CONTRACT providing selections management for their homeowners. As part of the builder team, molly by design works to help the customers navigate through the process while documenting all of their selections along the way. This makes things much easier on the builder; who no longer has to chase down these decisions, as well as the homeowner, who is provided with a step by step guide on how to get it all done and has a one point person for the process!





The selections process is certainly exciting but can also be daunting when building a custom home. BUILDER X has partnered with mollybydesign (mbd) to assist their customers in navigating through the selections process. Molly by Design serves as a primary point of contact for all of the selection coordination/documentation. The following selections management services are included in the builder's contract price.


  • Introduction Email: 

    • Explain the process, builder timeline expectations

    • Issue SELECTIONS GUIDELINES: homeowner “bible” outlining vendors for required selections

    • Issue OPTIONAL DESIGN SERVICES: more “hands on” design help available

  • Available for follow up by email and/or phone to answer questions

  • Single point of contact for all selection submittals

  • Record selections progress from customer/vendors (Note: customers are responsible for working directly with vendors to make actual selections as well as review/approve selections estimates for accuracy)

  • Assist builder in obtaining material estimates

  • Remind customers of upcoming deadlines; will check in periodically to remind you of selections needed that have not been formally approved (Note: customers are required to send official email approval for final selections – mbd will need an actual vendor estimate before selection can be formally approved)

  • Document final selections on the database


(highly recommended)

mbd is further available and anxious to assist with the interior design/space planning or decoration of your home.  Our homes represent a significant investment of time, effort and money. Everyone wants an amazing space that comforts and brings them joy.  Hiring Molly by Design is like an insurance policy that your home design will be carefully explored, thought-out and planned; the product of quality interior design.  To see more details of the benefits of hiring Molly by Design, check out the Optional Design Services.

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