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Molly Winstead-Leal of mollybydesign
Living room and kitchen design by mollybydesign
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Hey guys! I know it's cliche but I started my love for space design and decoration as a nerdy, introverted kid who found joy re-arranging my room in as many different configurations as I could to create just the right aesthetic and functional balance. I didn’t realize it then, but it would become my obsession in life.  After earning a bachelor's degree in Interior Design from VCU, I went on to become a certified interior designer in Richmond, Virginia, and have loved every minute of the journey.

I am native to Richmond. I recently designed/built our new home/studio in Goochland (Maidens) with my husband Rob, after living in our first home in Glen Allen for 26 years. We have two children, and two feral cats (the reason I am forced to get allergy shots weekly) and often have our grand-dog (Beans) when our firefighter daughter is on duty for extended periods of time. We lost our precious golden retriever in 2020; who was the first to greet you and steal your heart so having Beans around helps fill the hole the loss left.  Rob and I share a passion for design, and construction. We LOVE bouncing ideas off of one another; creating a sensational team which provides two valuable perspectives to the process.  When not designing, I love spending time with friends/family, doing yard work, exercising daily, and above all, I love to laugh a lot.  


With over 30 years of experience in commercial and custom design, I am currently enjoying working with homeowners through partnerships with local custom builders.  Assisting both homeowners and builders during the construction process feels like such an honor and fuels my love tank. Like most interior designers, I possess strong conceptual and graphic skills, but strangely different from others, I am also highly organized in all that I do. Having someone to coordinate design, maintain structure, and keep things running smoothly really pays off to my homeowners and builders alike; saving them time, money and sanity!  


My interior design style is best described as uncluttered, clean, classic, functional and timeless.  This is most likely because I have so much going on in my OCD/ADD head; I strive to calm the chaos in the spaces I help create. Excited by the variety of styles my customers bring, I focus on ensuring each space receives a delicate balance of form and function. I have a thirst for learning and love diving in to create new ways of mixing styles, molding space and selecting finishes and fixtures to compose unique spaces. 


I adore working with all of my customers and contractors to turn houses into beautiful, cohesively designed homes. I strive to understand the way my homeowners live as well as the way they want to live, ensuring the spaces enables both. I love hard, am extremely loyal, and I am a relentless advocate for my friends and customers. I want to find what things are most important to you about your home and ensure they are incorporated in a creative and economical way. Can't wait to meet you and work with you on your dream home!

For even more reasons to consider using mollybydesign as your interior design partner in Richmond, go to: BENEFITS OF HIRING 

Custom bath design by mollybydesign
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