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Craftsman style home front elevation

"When building a home, there are a ton of decisions to be made and it can be overwhelming! We needed guidance on selections. Initially, I thought I could just pick everything out myself – but, I quickly realized there are hundreds of choices within each category of selections I needed to make. Molly really helped us narrow things down and guide us in what decisions to make first and how to select the important things first and build around those.

I’d never built a house or hired a designer, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I can say that it seemed she went above and beyond the extended service package. She handled issues, made suggestions, helped plan the master bath, provided a sample lighting plan, drew renderings, and the list goes on.


I think Molly was a fantastic value for the money and probably needs to charge more considering all of the time she spent helping us. We definitely saved money by using her services. She would explain when finishes needed to be higher end. An example is faucets for the bathrooms. Molly helped save us money by identifying maybe we should go nicer in the master and the powder room, but the secondary bathrooms we could select less expensive fixtures because they would not be used/seen as often. Another thing she helped with was my kitchen countertops (which we LOVE!!!!) I initially had my heart set on a very expensive name brand quartz. Because Molly has really great connections and relationships with the vendors, she explained to the countertop people what I wanted and they sent over a look-alike generic brand of my dream countertop. It probably cost a third of what the other one cost and it actually looks better! If I hadn’t have hired Molly, I would have way overpaid for my counters.


Working with Molly is one of the reasons I love my house so much. If it weren’t for Molly’s guidance, my house would probably be a mish-mash of overpriced finishes that don’t relate to anything. The exterior of my house was far improved over the original elevations because she took the time to make renderings and that helped guide our exterior selections. We were able to save money and have a cohesive look. And, I just want to note, that the house does not look builder basic! We have a nice blend of quality selections, along with builder grade in lesser used spaces and still have a very cohesive look.

Alycia Harris

Homeowner, Goochland, VA

Craftsman style home in Goochland

"Molly truly has an eye for detail. Not only is this her specialty, but her passion. She respected the selections as I made them, but never hesitated to jump in when she thought something BETTER could be done. As someone who doesn't specialize in interior design, I was choosing selections room by room rather than looking at the theme of the entire house. Nothing was cohesive and Molly was able to make educated suggestions on what would look better. She doesn't make selections based on her own personal opinion, but rather her knowledge of interior design."


Overall, she wants your house to look the best it possibly can while staying within budget. I would highly recommend purchasing the full selections package. Building a house from scratch will be more stressful than you think and Molly will be able to help take care of all of your needs.

Zena Khaddage

Homeowner, Goochland, VA

"LOVE this! It makes so much more sense now and the fact that there's a room dedicated to storage makes my heart sing! So impressed with how you did this!"

Lindsey Layne

Homeowner, Richmond, VA

"OK Molly, I was outside after printing off your plans and I heard a scream! It was Missy saying (and I quote), "Ralph, Ralph! I LOVE IT!!! When can we move in?!" I cannot wait to meet you and give you a HUGE hug!!! Your floor plan is perfect."

Missy and Ralph Reynolds

Homeowner, Richmond, VA

Fun kitchen renovation

"We met Molly in 2007 while building our home. Ten years & three kids later, we wanted to update the flow and space usage of our most used room; the kitchen. In came Molly with tons of energy and ideas. We couldn't be more thrilled with our pretty and smart new kitchen!


It's so much more than pretty pillows; creating smart spaces is her jam. She weighed in on everything from counter placement, to traffic flow, to appliance relocation, paint/stain colors for walls and for cabinetry, quartz versus granite, to cased opening design options, to the appropriate scale for over-island lighting; you name it. I even emailed her from a hardware store once because I couldn't decide on something as silly as nail-head tacks for our new hood. She answered immediately and confidently and then explained her answer. Her energy and passion for design is infectious. She knows her stuff and she's just a joy to work with. She will be my first call if/when we decide to, once again tweak our floor plan elsewhere in the house!" 

Justine Atkinson

Homeowner, Glen Allen, VA

"Overall, she wants your house to look the best it possibly can while staying WITHIN BUDGET. I would highly recommend purchasing the full builder/selections package. Building a home from scratch is more stressful than you think and Molly will be able to help take care of all of your needs. She has been available to help every step of the way."


Aaron Goodwin

Homeowner, Goochland, VA

Front porch on tall pillars

"It's like you're in my head. My husband just asked if we were totally understood what we needed/wanted. It's PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Christina Carter

Homeowner, Montpelier, VA

"MollybyDesign has been extremely helpful in taking our desire for a new addition to our house and turning them into a design that we could get bids and work with a contractor to turn into reality."

Lisa and John Hamilton

Homeowner, Richmond, VA

"Molly has worked with Blue Ridge Custom Homes (BRCH), in both the role of selections manager as well as designer on dozens of projects. She has been an invaluable resource for both BRCH and our customers. She is extremely experienced with residential custom home building and her involvement in any project is guaranteed to have a very positive impact. Most customers simply do not possess the knowledge or experience to make the many decisions required of them when outfitting a custom home if they really want to achieve a superior level of fit and finish and do so in an affordable fashion. This is where Molly shines. She can achieve that model home look that so many customers want, but may struggle to achieve on their own. And, with custom designs, Molly helps customers avoid the many pitfalls they may encounter when creating a unique home plan that has never been built. I often say that engaging Molly on the design portion of custom home building is probably the smartest money a customer can spend. It would be hard for me to express a strong enough recommendation for Molly."


Nathan Wiley

Blue Ridge Custom Homes Homeowner, Goochland, VA

"Once again, IMPRESSIVE! Husband and I are very happy with this and are so so glad and thankful for your help!


Love everything, especially the even window spacing.  It’s like you waved your magic wand and taaaadahhhh!"

Lindsey Layne

Homeowner, Richmond, VA

"Molly has been a pleasure to work with while planning out a major renovation and redesign of our retirement lake house. She has been steadfast in her support while offering that “steady hand” we very much needed and required throughout the process. Her patience is commendable as is her expertise and consistent professionalism. Molly was instrumental, as well, in keeping us on budget and focused. Simply speaking, we would not be where we are today in the design of this complex renovation and redesign without Molly's assistance."


Dave and Donna Smith

Homeowner, Lake Anna, VA

"I would definitely recommend Molly by Design! Molly is extremely talented, efficient, enthusiastic, communicative and easy to work with... she really knows her business. From the moment we began designing our new home's 8,400 s.f. floor plan, Molly's knowledge was extremely helpful in creating our beautiful space with a keen eye for detail, while staying close to our budget.
I give Molly by Design 5 Stars!"

Donna Dean Stevens

Homeowner, Henrico, VA

"I will be forever grateful Molly was with me during the selection process for our new home. I thought it would be easy, but if she hadn’t been there it would have taken all day instead of two hours.  What an enormous help! She thought of details we NEVER would have but needed to!


When we downsized I had no idea what furnishings would attractively fit. Molly had the blueprint and sketched in the best placement for everything I really needed. It worked and is still perfect six years later."


Carolyn Raskind

Homeowner, Glen Allen, VA

"I have stared at your plan adjustments for a long time, and I love them. They are how I envisioned the house, I just couldn’t verbalize well enough to make it happen. I want to build that house!"


Jennifer and Scott Morris

Homeowner, Goochland, VA

"MBD gave us great visual layouts for multiple rooms and design advice in general. Also, it gave us more confidence to try new directions and trends by being able to visualize the designs and colors. Having worked with Molly in the past in new home construction, we knew what to expect with MBD. She is straight forward and takes her clients style into consideration to come up with a design that is current. I would give her ten stars!!!"

Christine and Jason Ward

Homeowner, Glen Allen, VA

Classic Modern Farmhouse

"It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend Molly by Design. There is nothing I can put in words to would fully describe what Molly did for me. Our home is breathtaking because of her. Everything we could have dreamed of and so much more. 

I work for a busy pediatricians office and didn’t have much time to pay as close attention to details as I would have liked. To make matters more complicated for Molly, my husband and I were building our forever home. We had been through a lot of heart ache in our lives and building our forever home meant more than I can explain. 


Molly held my hand through the entire process... and then some.  

She opened my eyes to design details I would have never thought of on my own. She helped with understanding the “flow” of a home and how to use the space we had. Every nook and cranny had a purpose. 


I have to say she put up with a lot from me. I work in customer service and let me just say she has the patience of a saint. I constantly second-guessed my decisions, and sometimes even a third and fourth time. She was never frustrated with me or treated me like I was bothering her, even though I know her workload was not small. She knew exactly what I wanted always, even though I didn’t. I repeatedly told her to get out of my head 😊, even though I would have been up a creek with no paddle if she wasn’t.  Even though I questioned her, she never had a negative response; she simply walked me through it. She spent hundreds of hours with me going over the same thing. Her designs were astonishing and her ideas were stunning. I would have never thought of the small details that she came up with. 

I fully recommend Molly and without reservation. She is the finest and the most outstanding person; personally, and professionally. I am honored to have worked with her. 


It was a Godsend working with her; I will forever be in debt to her. Our home would not have been the same without her. It would not be a home… it would only be a house."


Christina and Eric Carter

Homeowner, Goochland, VA

For the love of red front doors

"We realized quickly that we had to make decisions about every aspect of building our home. The selections process was a bit overwhelming, and with both of us working full time, the extended service package seemed to be well worth it. Molly went above and beyond to make sure we got exactly what we wanted.


Molly made suggestions to improve the design and functionality of several rooms within our home. She was thorough in making sure all design features inside and out had been documented in the cost estimate worksheet with the builder and even found items that had been left out. She also took care of communications with the vendors and suppliers, which was invaluable. We were most impressed with her willingness to meet us on site for the electrical walk through (included in our package) after having surgery and her foot in a cast. She mapped out all the lighting and outlet locations inside and out, and the electrician even expressed how her preparation for the walk through made it one of the easiest he had done and that it was greatly appreciated.


Molly's experience and eye for detail benefited us greatly. The selections process was daunting, but Molly made the experience so much easier. She understood the style we were going for and provided us with great options. We are so pleased with the finished product and would not hesitate to use her services again."

Donna and Chris Haller

Homeowner, Goochland, VA

"Building a house is such a big investment, it seemed logical to hire someone to help with all the selections. I knew an expert would give me the chance to go outside of my comfort zone and consider/choose designs I would have overlooked. I also knew there would be ease in having someone narrow down options to make the process less overwhelming. Molly gave a huge amount of time trouble shooting, allaying fears and panicked moments, and she put together a cohesive design I never would have been able to do in a million years


Molly and mbd made home building a much easier process. Molly's sense of humor, experience and willingness to listen, even when we weren't making sense, made her a pleasure to work with. As expected, she has great design ideas and a great ability to create a very cohesive design plan. We would recommend Molly and her company for anyone looking to build new or remodel. Thank you Molly."

Christina and Stew Williamson

Homeowner, Maidens, VA

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