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Unique foyer desgn with checkered flooring
Comfortable living room design with custom coffee table
Smart raised washer and dryer design for laundry room
Beautiful kitchen design with modern glass pendants



Below is an example of various packages that can be added onto a Builder's Contract so mbd  can be of further interior design and space planning assistance during the home building process.  Again, these are highly custom packages for each builder and homeowner so feel free to consider what your needs are and molly by design will let you know how they can help!



Before you start the selections process, often you find a floor plan that you like some aspects of but you want to revise it to make it more customized.  mbd is here to help with the following: 

  • Issue design questionnaire (to guide more effectively with your design and selections)

    • Initial Phone/Email Consultation

      • Discuss questionnaire and plan

      • Determine which aspects of design/selections you need Molly by Design assistance

      • Go over your space planning needs

      • Discuss furniture loosely (Note: if bringing pieces with you that you will want to locate – customer to provide description/photos and dimensions of these pieces)

    • Phone/Email Follow up

      • Present floor plan sketch options (up to 3 options)

      • Suggest areas that can be enhanced with design details (if appropriate)

      • Floor plan options to include not only the layout of the rooms/spaces but may also include any further design opportunities like ceiling treatments or wall niches or anything the contractor would want to know early in the process for planning purposes

  • Send final sketches to the draftsman for CAD execution 



What is your time and peace of mind worth to you?  As you can see from the attached link-article on houzz there are hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions to make when building a custom home.  Hiring Molly by Design to help on these decisions should provide a comfort level of having a trained expert by your side.  What we do for you: 


  • Initiate questionnaires to find out more about you, your family, your lifestyle, likes/dislikes, cabinetry/storage needs, expectations, etc. 

  • Deliver jump start intro emails to vendors with customized suggestions on “where to start” based on your budget, our professional experience and your questionnaire feedback.

    • Going back-forth with the vendors and making multiple revisions due to starting “too high” can cause delays and frustration. We want to help keep you on schedule and on budget!

  • Cross reference your selections decisions throughout the entire process to ensure they are cohesive.  If selections are not cohesive, your home will not feel “right” or finished.  We understand how one decision affects another; we consider the details, but we help you see the “big picture” as well. This saves you time and money!

  • Help you review the multitude of vendor selections cost estimates. As mentioned above, there are many estimates to review, with this package, we offer another level of review for design intent.

  • Develop a preliminary lighting location plan.  This plan designates every area that may require a light fixture.  MBD distributes the plan to you and your lighting vendor so they have a jump start on the types of lighting fixtures you will need to select with them. This saves everyone time! In addition to guiding on overall fixture design concept, MBD will also advise on preliminary fixture scale.

  • Create digital vision boards providing images of your selections and concepts for preliminary selections.  This is another tool that helps illustrate how your selections work together and may alert you of a costly mistake, saving you money!

  • Gather finish samples so we can meet and review all your finishes materials in person. That way you can be assured of your choices and/or our recommendations.  The goal of this meeting is to get as many approvals on your selections as possible.  This potentially saves you time, money and anxiety as seeing it all in person can uncover further decisions that need to be made!

  • Stay with you through the whole process.  As things come up during construction, Molly by Design is a phone call away to offer more hands-on design help.


Check out our testimonials and Google Reviews; we believe you’ll see that you add extra value to your home building experience when you add a design package from Molly by Design.




Another design area that can be daunting is your electrical walk through (EWT).  During this walk through, the customer not only locates lighting fixtures but also determines where to put switches, electronics/TV, cable, phone and other outlet types. 


Additional decisions to be made may include:

  • determining type of switches

  • whether to have dedicated circuits

  • will there be under cabinet lighting

  • need for extra receptacles

  • number of can lights/locations


There are so many options and quite frankly, lighting locations can often be overlooked without the help of someone who does this often.  That said, this package is designed to help you enjoy the process a little more and feel more comfortable that you have covered all the necessary areas of lighting in your new home. The fee covers up to 7 hours of time and the deliverables are as follows:

  • mbd is present for the EWT along with the customer and the electrician to help with:

    • Location of light fixtures, special switch locations, tv/cable/phone, identify dedicated outlets, location of floor outlets, review of scale and proportion of preliminary lighting fixture selections

    • Takes detailed notes of any changes to original plan and any further selections that need to be made

  • mbd issues EWT meeting notes and revised lighting location plan. This documents the entire EWT, room by room and identifies outstanding lighting fixture selections or location decisions to be made – notes go to customer, lighting vendor, builder and electrician.

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