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Space Planning in Crozier, Virginia

This family came to us after they went through several versions of plans and still weren't totally thrilled. We listened to their wish list and considered it all while carefully observing the outlined budget. The homeowner was thrilled with:


  • Improved flow from the mudroom to the kitchen

  • Added storage space

  • Improved study

  • Overall flow/functionality of the first floor plan. 


Excuse the "white-out!" Often it is more cost effective during the sketching process to do this rather than redraw since it goes to the draftsman after this, anyway. As long as the communication efforts are understood, all is good.

The placement of the upper windows were a huge point of contention with this plan - they wanted them spread out evenly across the front of the upper elevation. The goal was to make the interior spaces work so that the window spacing would work.  


We found that by flipping the second floor plan, the master suite could be a more gracious scale and the two secondary bedrooms were more equal in size as well. This also allowed the windows to be spaced evenly across the front elevation as they had requested. WIN/ WIN!!​

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