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Johnson first floor before floor plan

Space Planning in Kents Store, Virginia

This family came to us because they had concerns for the size of their spaces and overall flow. They needed further guidance with space layout/adjacency and making some minor tweaks to improve overall flow. 


After many studies, we finally added 3’ to the back wall of the Great Room and Bedroom 2 to allow for more circulation room as well as an entrance vestibule for the bedroom/powder entry. We centered the rear porch doors on the front door and created rhythm with the windows overall. We were also able to greatly improve the flow/function of the master bath and closet, and we made further layout improvements to the secondary bedrooms/baths as well as the shared spaces between them.


By making some minor adjustments to the garage entry we were able to create a more private entry into the master bedroom instead of entering from the kitchen. We also created a large shared pantry/laundry room that has loads of potential storage.

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