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Space Planning in Toana, Virginia

This family wanted a few tweaks to the existing plan to make it feel more open. They also needed help visualizing how the space could be furnished/utilized. 


We were able to help improve the open feel of the plan by redistributing the use of the exterior doors and adding windows. By showing them some possibilities with furniture groupings they were able to visualize how to create a variety of types of seating areas.

The family was still not happy with the feeling of their master bathroom on the plan.  We asked a few important questions about lifestyle, took notes and went to work. We noted that they wanted a full sized window that actually opened in the bathroom for natural light as well as ventilation. 


Taking the window out of the shower saved them money in tile costs, future maintenance and window cost itself. They didn't require a separate toilet room so this afforded them a more efficient use of the space as well. Including the linens in the large master closet gave them fewer doors and cleaner plan.

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