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The Background

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Rob and I bought our starter home in Glen Allen, VA in 1994, and have lived here for 26 years.

Some reasons we chose this area:

  • We love the school district (which was also enjoyed by our two kids)

  • Closeness to Short Pump/Richmond/Family

  • We were some of the first homeowners in a newly built neighborhood, paving the way for us to establish some beautiful, life-long friendships with new neighbors!

In 2011, we fully renovated the house (ourselves!) by adding on, taking out bearing walls, and refinishing every space completely so it would be more marketable and enjoyable until our children were gone.

Boy, have we been thrilled with everything we did! Sure hoping it pays off when it goes on the market!

Current home in Glen Allen Virginia
December 1995 - First Christmas in our new house!

In 2014, we decided to add onto our personal portfolio by renovating an amazing row house in downtown Richmond for our daughter, who was at VCU at the time. (If you're brave, take a peek at the before/after pictures of Leal Cottage Metro!).

Enter 2015, when I "booted" Rob "out" of "his" home office (Note the excessive "" and don't ask us about that story!) and fully established mollybydesign to offer interior design, space planning, and selections management services in Richmond, VA.

Over the past three-ish years, we have slowly outgrown the office and realized we need more space.

So, we had two options:

  1. Rent a commercial space

  2. Build a new home to accommodate our spacial needs.

You obviously know our decision: build a new home it is! And furthermore, let's go all in and build our dream custom farm house. The adventure begins!

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