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The Hunt For The Perfect Location

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

After coming to this decision, the search for land around the Richmond area commenced.

Must haves:

  • Proximity to civilization (about 10 minutes from the Short Pump, VA area)

  • Picturesque surroundings

  • Plenty of land to spread out

  • High-speed internet! (who knew that most land in the country doesn't have high speed internet? Barbaric.)

After months of searching and countless hours walking through sticker bushes, spider webs, thick brush, and heavily wooded lots... we found the perfect spot that met ALL of our requirements!

  • Proximity: Exactly 10 minutes from Short Pump

  • Surroundings: The Fairground Road area is simply beautiful, featuring a lot of great houses and a nearby horse farm.

  • Land: Almost seven acres of nicely wooded, gently sloping land, with a creek on the southern border

  • High-speed Internet: Check! Looks like we are heading back to Xfinity

Even with bare trees and dead leaves covering the ground, we knew it was the place for us!

With all our check boxes taken care of, it was time to come up with a house plan.

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