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We (Kinda) Have Walls!

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Here's where the roller coaster ride gets REAL.

We went from (during staking the home) "Holy cow this is big," then to (foundation) where we said, "No, this is really not as big as we thought" to now (framing)...

"OMG what are we going to do with this house?! And how are we ever going to have time to pick everything required to finish this home?!"

Remember, I do this for a living, and this is a HUGE part of why we are building this; to grow the company. But doing it for yourself is a GAME CHANGER. I'd really like to hire mollybydesign to do it for me! Good news is: Caitlin is learning by fire... she is learning things that even designers can miss and taking it all like a champ!

Again, I think every designer should build their own home and work environment as it is THE BEST TEACHING EXPERIENCE EVER! Keep in mind, we spend MOST of our day helping others with their homes... mine always comes last.

So, here's the process: after our footers/foundation were established, we were able to start getting the framing lumber delivered.

Three days later, (after it finally stopped raining) we had our garage slab poured.

THEN (and this is where it gets exciting!) the framing began!

If you recall, this plan was not a plan that was done before and tried/true, it was something we created from scratch. That said, we've had a few detail things to tweak, but for the most part, the framing is going brilliantly.

We can't give enough high praise to Dave Coburn and his team for the skillful work they are doing to make our home everything it can be. We go out each week to see the next amazing feat he has performed and watching it become a reality is the upward part of the ride.

It's the little framing details that aren't on the plans that you have to go out and work with the framers on, like the:

  • Built-in bookcase openings

  • Reading nook

  • Knee walls for bathrooms

  • Niche opening sizes

  • Mud benches

Fortunately for us, Rob is very accustomed to framing himself, so he will go in and do a few last minute extra things we have realized should have been done from the beginning.

Our Decision

One thing we did that was a little different: typically, in our geographic location, houses are done with 2x4 exterior framing. After talking to Rob's brother, who is a builder in the Catskills, we learned it's common up there to do 2x6 exterior framing, to allow for more insulation for their cold winter months.

So, we decided to go that route, as well, since we can benefit during all seasons, whether it's blazing hot or freezing cold outside. All in all, the cost was not that much more, especially considering the energy savings we will receive down the road!

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