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Welcome to our Journey! (WINLEA ACRES)

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Hey guys!

My name is Molly, and I'm an interior designer/owner of mollybydesign (mbd) in Glen Allen (soon to be Maidens!), Virginia. My husband Rob (you'll see him pop up often in these posts) and I have five children (two kids, a dog, and two cats). If you'd like to know more about me, feel free to check out the About Us section on my website 😀

Some of you reading this may not know me at all, so as a heads up: I write how I speak. Sometimes the content might be informational, it might be instructive, or it might be a goofy story, but above everything else, it will be REAL, it will be US. I don't read blogs, so bear with me on this brand-new experience of writing/maintaining a blog!

We're taking a leap and electing to "share and air" our story and process through building a new "farmhouse style" home, with the ultimate hope it can help others through this same journey. These posts serve to document what we're doing, as well as give some insight/expert advice to those going through this same experience.

Right now, mbd operates out of our home (see pictures below) offering interior design, space planning, and selections management. Now that we have a growing staff, we really need additional room to function more effectively.

It's always interesting working in someone's home, and we thank Caitlin for being on the ground level on this with us. (Caitlin joined our team last year to help with the selections management side of the company. Her role quickly grew into helping with my nemesis; social media as well. Our writing styles are very similar so it's worked out brilliantly.) There's never a dull moment at mbd! Always something going on and people stopping by because you "work from home."

mollybydesign work area
Molly's Workspace

mollybydesign work area
Caitlin's Workspace

While our office space is nice, it's small, and feeling smaller every day now that we know what we get to move into later this year!

Right now when I am working on things for Design Customers, I am spread out all over the first floor (my desk, a chair in the family room for plans, and the kitchen island for finishes/drawings/etc.). As Caitlin's job responsibilities grow, she is needing more room, too.


Pair that with the fact Rob and I are nearly empty nesters AND we found this amazing piece of land in Maidens, VA... we are on the journey of a lifetime to build our next forever home and office space!

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