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What Is "Farmhouse" Style?

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

"Farmhouse." Look it up in a dictionary and you'll find reference to a house attached to a barn. In the design world, it means something totally different. We give you a run-down below...

Today's modern farmhouse style doesn't have to be a blast from the past - while it's still meant to celebrate the comfort and homey-ness of a farmhouse, this type of construction and interior style brings in bright, airy, and sophisticated components, with a nice mix of rustic and traditional elements as well.

The embodiment of our home is the farmhouse style i.e. simple, imperfect, uncluttered, practical, comfortable. This is OUR LIFE in a house style!

This article from Houzz is a WONDERFUL look into this style, and contains all the reasons we have always been drawn to this type of construction: LINK HERE.

Factors you're going to notice in farmhouse style construction or more likely a MODERN farmhouse style include:

  • Reclaimed wood

  • Metal accents

  • Organic materials (wood, architectural details, brick, etc.)

  • Wide plank floors

  • Big, comfy furniture

  • Barn board details

  • Neutral color palette

We're following very general guidelines here, but with everything we do, we throw in a ton of our own Molly/Rob flair!

Our (personal) words of caution: One thing we did want to stay away from that's very popular with the farmhouse style is open shelving in the kitchen. Looks fantastic, but is SUCH a pain to clean. Talk about a dust collector! Personally, for us, that was a no-go.

Stay tuned further down the road to see more of our selections and what helped us pick what we did!

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