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Before We Forget...

When we started this "blog journey," we really wanted it to feel like the actual account of the events/experience we were on. For me though, the BLOGGING in itself has a huge learning curve; in that it takes planning/time/effort to get in the groove with what and how to share. Admittedly, sometimes this gets in the way. We've had a lot of ah-ha or God moments along the way that we were going to tell, but they have skirted right by without being told.

We were sharing the story with our brother-in-law recently and he reminded us that these moments were all great things to share. This might help others to know how to read the signs along the way.

At the risk of sharing too much (or hopefully just enough to help someone else on THEIR home building journey), we want to tell you HOW we found our lot in a little more intimate detail. Getting back to why we started this blog in the first place....

Setting the Scene

Rob had finally decided it was time for us to leave our 5/26 year home (we bought thinking we'd be here 5 years, we stayed 26); he had been on a mission to find the perfect location for months and our daughter Kasey was super excited to join him each time he found a spot to check out. Like we said earlier in the blog, there were MANY spots that he told me about, but with my schedule, only ONE I took the time to go see. I could tell he really considered this spot a possibility and I could see the excitement and hope in his description of the spot.

Turns out, although it was a beautiful location and a good option for many... it really was just too far away for our comfort level. I have an aging parent I really don't want to be that far away from should she need me. One other factor was all of the scenery on the way to the lot/neighborhood was really not what we were seeking. As a reminder our home doubles as a business in addition to a home, we also didn't want our customers to have to travel that far to visit our design studio. We had more than the typical things to consider.

So, back to the drawing board. Then one night, while watching the computer for more options to consider, FOUR LOTS FELL ONTO THE SCREEN LIKE SHOOTING STARS!

Literally: that was the animation for the page. LOL!

He said to himself... wait a minute, they weren't there a few minutes ago, where did those come from?" The location was ideal, so he quite literally jumped in the car and was off to check it out; practically in the dark, mind you.

While he was there at 9 PM with his flashlight, he fell over a downed tree, impaled himself on a branch, and lost his reading glasses. So in his words, it was fate; we are physically connected to this land and we have to have it! The next day, he went back, in the light of day to make sure he was right, taking our daughter with him. He located the tree he fell over and THERE WERE HIS GLASSES! For us, it just added to the signs!

By the way, Nathan Janocka at Blue Ridge Custom Homes (one of our builder partners we work with) was already working behind the scenes on this, unbeknownst to us. Rob called the realtor listed on the lot sign and wasn't able to get through initially. So we decided to call Nathan, as he is also a broker. Lo and behold, he knew exactly which lot we were talking about, as he was reviewing the adjacent lot for a potential customer, and was able to help us to know what to do next! He was immensely helpful to us in this confusing land purchase process. We'd never done any of this before; he knew just how to guide us through. I don't think we have ever moved this fast on anything; especially something this large and life altering...the nerves are real...but it was meant to be.

We later found out one of the lots had sold the very same day it became available. We got ours shortly thereafter, and the last two were sold almost immediately after us. What a whirlwind/roller coaster! attention to the signs, follow your gut (just don't get impaled like Rob did) and you too will find the land/home/anything of your dreams.
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